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    2012 - 05.11

    Just hit 50? Begin gearing up your character for operations with the following information.(Updated for patch 1.3)

    Gear Tiers starting with the lowest PVE Teir which is Tionese then Columi then Rakata.


    Ilum Dailys

    (8 Daily Commendations): To start them, you need to finish your class quest first. Doing so will give you a quest called FIRST STRIKE that ask you to ort to the Imperial fleet and this quest will direct you to Ilum for its quest series. The quest series itself is fairly short but the mobs are tougher so be pared to spend 2-3 hrs to finish them off. Each quest will give you 3 daily commendations and unlock daily missions on Ilum.

    – Republic Base Camp –
    1. *[Heroic 2+] – Darkness on Ilum – Master Moran – 3x Daily Commendation + Epic Level 50
    2. Pilot Down – L4-B5 – 1x Daily Commendation
    3. Jam the Transmissions – Agent Falcon – 1x Daily Commendation
    – Republic Waystation –
    1. Icy Destruction – Major Dumerin – 1x Daily Commendation
    2. A Fair Fight – General Orias – 1x Daily Commendation
    3. Crystal Clear Sabotage – Captain Sarmuk – 1x Daily Commendation

    Belsavis Dailys

    (17 Daily Commendations): Belsavis also has a bonus series that opens up. The entire bonus series will also take about 2 hrs and will unlock daily missions on Belsavis. Unlike the Ilum series, this bonus series do not reward bonus daily commendations the first time around.

    – Republic Wilderness Outpost–
    1. Restraining the Darkness – Master Korman Reyes – 1x Daily Commendation
    2. Strengthening the Chain – Major Harris – 1x Daily Commendation
    3. Emergent Medicine – Sergeant Kayen – 1x Daily Commendation (must have completed Restraining and Strengthening to be eligible for this quest)
    – Meltwater Outpost –
    1. *[Heroic 4] – Open Communications – Agent Hextal – 3x Daily Commendation + Orange Companion weapons
    2. *[Heroic 2+] – A Lesson is Learned – Doctor Everis – 3x Daily Commendation + Epic level 50 Mod
    – Frozen Transport Center–
    1. Riot – Captain Devlin – 1x Daily Commendation
    2. *[Heroic 4] – Stasis Generator -Tech Station (5, 91) – 3x Daily Commendation + Epic Level 50 Armoring
    – Oasis Republic Post –
    1. Prison airs – Monitoring Station Console – 1x Daily Commendation
    2. Sleeping Rakata – Monitoring Station Console – 1x Daily Commendation
    3. Unheard Frequencies – Monitoring Station Console – 1x Daily Commendation
    4. Containing the Beast – Holoterminal (-670, 90) – 1x Daily Commendation (must have completed Open Communications to be eligible)

    Daily Commendation Items

    1. Relics cost 200 Daily Commendations
    2. Rakata Earpiece cost 120 Daily Commendations
    3. Rakata Implant cost 120 Daily Commendations each



    • Ironfist: Tionese belt, Tionese chest, Tionese ear
    • ISS-7 Guardian Battledroid: Exotech Helmet, Columi Implant, Columi Ear, Exotech Gloves, Exotech Boots
    • Bonus: ISS-944 Power Droid: Tionese Boots, Tionese Ear, Tionese Legs
    • Vokk: Columi Bracers (token)

    False Emperor

    • Jindo Krey: Tionese belt, Tionese Implant, Tionese gloves
    • HK-47: Columi Implant, Exotech Legs, Exotech Helmet
    • Bonus Sith Entity: Tionese Boots
    • Darth Malgus: Columi Chest (token)

    Directive 7

    • Interrogator: Proc Relic
    • Bulwark: Columi Implant
    • Bonus Reliclicator:  Tionese gloves
    • Mentor: Columi Pants

    Battle of Ilum

    • Velasu Graege & Drinda-Zel: Tionese Helmet, Tionese Mainhand
    • Krel Thak: Exotech Gloves, Columi Implant
    • Bonus: Guid Patriach: Tionese Helmet
    • Darth Serevin: Columi Offhand

    Taral V

    • Captain Shivanek: Tionese belt, Tionese Offhand
    • PD-44: Exotech Helmet, Exotech Chest, Columi Implant
    • Bonus Lord Hasper: Tionese Ear
    • General Edikar: Columi gloves

    Maelstrom Prison

    • Colonel Daksh: Tionese Mainhand, Tionese Implant, Tionese Legs, Tionese Chest
    • Lord Vanithrast: Columi belt, Columi Implant, Columi Bracers, Exotech Legs, Exotech Helmet
    • Bonus Ancient Maelstrom Flayer: Tionese Helmet
    • Grand Moff Kilran: Columi boots

    Kaon Under Siege

    • Defend vs Zombies encounter: Columi Ear, Exotech Legs
    • Rakghoul Behemoth: Exotech Gloves, Exotech Legs, Columi Bracers, Columi Implant
    • Bonus KR-82 Expulser: Xenotech Belt
    • Commander Lk’Graagth: Columi head

    Lost Island

    • LR-5 Sentinel Droid: Columi boots
    • Project Sav-Rak: Columi Legs
    • Transgenic Sample Eleven: Relic
    • Doctor Lorrick: Columi Mainhand, Rakata Chest

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