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    2012 - 07.13

    As you may have heard, San Diego Comic-Con takes place this weekend and as expected, BioWare will have announcements going out throughout the event about Star Wars: The Old Republic.  On the first full day of Comic-Con, BioWare held their usual BioWare Base get together outside of the event for fans and the press. Here are a few highlights from the first day:

    BioWare Base Event 7/12

    • A new hoodie from Jinx is on the way including twenty other products
    • The new novel Annihilation mentioned
    • Epic questlines where players can gain legendary-like weapons from them are in the works!!!!!! This means epic weapons for those of us who are former Everquest players you are very familiar with epic weapons and what goes into getting them and just how awesome they are

    Throughout the event we will update this post as more comes in. BioWare’s panel will take place on Sunday. Be sure to check back for more!

    4 Responses to “SDCC NEWS!!! EPIC WEAPONS INC!”

    1. avatar Sinedan says:

      EQ never dies I tell you. I would to see this added into future content. This would certainly add some needed challanges out side to the OPS progression. I hope they do include questing that includes essential boss kills for particular part for the class specific weapon.

    2. avatar ozwalt says:

      Nice, can’t wait!!

    3. avatar rebas says:

      I would think they wouldn’t make it to easy….yeah EQ epic weapons took a lot of gathering and teamwork to get done….that would be nice.

    4. avatar pula says:


      […]SDCC NEWS!!! EPIC WEAPONS INC! | Bastion Reborn[…]…